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Chakra Training

Coming in July!


Pranayama Training Course

Next Date TBD

In this 15-hour Yoga Alliance certified course, participants gain an in-depth understanding of the science, practice, and teaching of pranayama. Over a 3 day period the participants learn how to effectively integrate pranayama into their personal practice and classes. With 7 hours of practice time the participants directly experience the effects of various classical pranayama techniques, and understand how to use them for various physical, energetic and mental-emotional states. In the 5 hours of yogic anatomy and philosophy the students learn about prana and the pranic body, and the how to feel it. At the end of the course the participants create and teach a class by selecting a few techniques that compliment their unique teaching style. By the end of the course the participants will have a firm understanding of Prana and pranayama and how to integrate it into their life and classes.


The pranayama techniques taught in this course were learned from master yogis from the Himalayan mountains of Northern India. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras are the primary texts referenced in this course, as well as Asana Pranayama Mudra Banda. It is recommended to have a consistent asana practice and a mostly natural diet prior to taking this course


Zach Sanders

Director of Continuing Education

Training is led by Zach Sanders.

Zach’s purpose for teaching yoga is to help others find healing in the body, mind, and spirit. With over 500 hours of training in Hatha and Pranayama under Himalayan masters, he aims to bring these ancient practices to the modern person. In his classes, you can expect deeply rejuvenating yoga postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness in order to bring you back to center, health, and peace.



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