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The Light of Awareness

The inner light of Awareness is what Yoga is all about, it is the most powerful aspect of our being.

We experience everything here within our center of Awareness - our senses, our thoughts, and our whole life appears inside of it.

Feel the space of your Awareness that “holds” the senses, the mind, and the body. It’s always here, but when we become identified with the mind and body, we forget. However, if you can notice that you are aware of the senses, the mind, and the body, you will start to remember who you really are - your true Self.

In yoga the true Self is the light of Awareness, because it is unchanging and ever-present, unlike the constantly changing mind and body that temporarily appear within it. The false self (ego) is the mistaken identity with the mind and body. This false identity is the source of suffering and darkness, so it must be released if we want to return to peace and light. The nature of our true Self is peace, love, light, and joy. These are always there, beneath the darkness and chaos of our false identity, just waiting to be uncovered once again.

The practice of yoga is (1) single-pointed awareness and (2) non-attachment, which allow you to come back to your true Self. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, at any time, and if you do it consistently, you will rewire your entire being and effortlessly be your true Self. At first it is very difficult to remain in the center of Awareness, but each time you practice you become more and more stable. You’ll also keep falling into your false identity, but overtime, it will happen less and less. Just keep walking the path and you will arrive at the destination.


How to Practice:

1.     Find a comfortable seat, lay down, or walk at a slower pace.

2.     Become aware of the senses, thoughts, feelings, body, simply notice everything that you’re aware of.

3.     Notice how this experience is appearing WITHIN your Awareness.

4.     Feel into the space of your Awareness.

5.     Notice that the experience is constantly changing like a river, but the space of Awareness remains still. The senses constantly change, thoughts are coming and going, feeling are rising and falling, nothing is still except your Awareness.

6.     Remain unattached to the experience, just be aware and let everything come and go on its own. Whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, simple be aware and let it pass.

7.     Abide here in the stillness of Awareness. Whenever you notice that you became attached to a thought, a feeling, or a sensation, simply return to the space of Awareness, and remain unattached. This will happen MANY times, every time you come back to Awareness you rewire your being. This is the practice.

8.     Practice this every day at least once. Start with a few minutes and work up to longer periods. Eventually this will become your natural state.

Try this Awareness exercise, and then share your experience in the comments below.

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